Small Parrots

Sometimes we want a non-traditional pet. While there are many bird breeds, small parrots in particular are great for beginner bird owners.

There are more species of parrots than you may expect. Parakeets, cockatiels, and macaws are a few examples.

But what makes small parrots unique pets? There are many contributing factors.

Unique Features of Parrots

Parrots have distinct features that separate them from other bird types. For starters, they have stronger and curvier bills. They have an upright stance when their bird perch.

Feet on parrots are clawed, as many birds’ are. However, two of their toes point forward and the other two point backwards.

Parrots are extremely intelligent birds. Arguably their most iconic feature is the ability to speak. They learn words and sounds from humans and mimic them.

Feeding Them Isn’t Expensive

If you want a pet that’s economical, birds are the way to go. Prices of dog and cat food can rack up quickly.

Birds in general don’t eat very much, allowing you to save money. Their food is also generally cheaper, even high quality brands.

One pound of all natural bird food is sometimes cheaper than a pound of food for four-legged pets.

With that said, providing a high-quality diet is important. It helps them grow strong and keeps them nurtured.

If you have leftover fruits or vegetables from your own meal, give them to your parrot. They love fruits and veggies, as well as nuts and seeds.

So rather than discarding the ends as you usually would, let your bird dispose of them. They are nutritional and add a variety.

Grooming Is Super Easy

Dogs need to be bathed every so often as they get messy from being outside. You need flea shampoos and haircuts on some dogs. It becomes a task in itself at times.

Parrots, however, are much easier to groom. Birds pick their old feathers every day to remain clean. They are naturally hygienic animals.

Grab a pair of bird nail clippers and trim their nails every not and then. Accompany that with a feather clipping and that’s over half the job.

Use a spray bottle to lightly shower your bird after the nail trimming and that’s pretty much it.

Parrots Are Social Birds

Pet birds can be just as affectionate and loving as any other pet. Many owners even bring their birds along on short errand runs, although this isn’t recommended in colder months.

If trained properly, birds can learn simple tricks and tasks. Waving, fetching, and playing dead are just a few of many tricks.

As we said earlier, birds are very intelligent. They recognize their surroundings and have a general sense of time. They can even tell you when it’s time for lunch.

Responses from parrots become more creative as you spend more time with them. They want friends just as we do, and the time spent with their owner is enjoyable.

All birds are pretty social with one another and generally get along. Consider adopting a bird to give your other a companion. Make sure they like each other before leaving them alone though.

Birds Are Easy to Care For

If you need to leave for work or whatnot, your parrots will be safe being left in their bird cage. Fortunately, it’s also easy to clean bird cages.

You don’t have to take birds for walks like you do dogs. Likewise, there’s no litter box for you to clean as is with cats.

There are times when you can’t socialize with your bird, and that’s okay. They love playing with various toys and that will entertain them in your absence.

Parrots and Other Birds as Pets

Whether you have a small parrot or a canary, your flying pet will be easy to care for. It’s cheaper to feed birds than other types of pets.

Parrots have a long lifespan, with the average ranging from 50-100 years old. This lets you life the better part of your life with your bird.

That’s something considerable as it’s often hard to get another pet after losing one.

In general, small parrots and birds make great pets. They’re all very affordable as well.

No matter what breed of bird you get or the type of pet you choose to get, do it for the right reasons.

Care for them. Make them feel loved. Their life is in your hands.