Feed Your Parrot

Parrots are among the best birds you can have as a pet. Some breeds can live up to 80 years. Sometimes, knowing what to feed your parrot can be a hassle.

Having a parrot for a pet is a lifetime endeavor, and they can be very amusing. They are very intelligent animals and make great pets.

They are really funny as they respond to music and things you say, and will often follow you around your home.

Knowing What Your Birds Eat

Many people wonder about what foods to feed a parrot. Oftentimes, they are given conflicting information.

Some people say birds can eat human food. However, others say you should never do that. It depends entirely on the food item.

One good source of information would be your local veterinarian. Bird breeders are also educated about what parrots should be fed. They are specialists and can give you insight into a proper diet for parrots.

You will also want to consider the breed of your parrot. This helps determine the best food to provide for a healthy diet.

Give Them a Natural Diet

Parrots in the wild love a variety of nuts, seeds, fruit, and even flowers. Since they are omnivorous, they will also eat insects.

Bird seeds are a good source of nutrition for parrots. However, you have to be careful about feeding to many seeds as they are often higher in fat.

There are many varieties of commercial pellets, and some veterinarians recommend a pellet based diet. They range from the regular brown pellets to more fancy colored pellets.

Before feeding your parrot, be sure that the pellets are fresh as you don’t want to endanger the health of your pet. Offer a small amount of fresh pellets daily to your parrot, and remove the old pellets every morning.

It is also good to have separate food bowls for your seeds and pellets to give your bird a tempting variety.

Feed Your Parrot Vegetables

Vegetables are also an important part of your parrot’s diet. You want to give them fresh vegetables.

Use some of the seeds from your parrot’s diet and sprout them. You can also find basic sprouting kits in pet stores.

You could also cook colorful fresh vegetables like peas and carrots. Let them cool to a warm temperature, then chop them up into bite sized pieces. Birds also love sweet potatoes.

Fruit should be given as a treat. Most parrots love the taste of bananas, grapes, and slices of orange.

There are a few suggestions on what foods to feed your parrot. You will want to do your research and ask your veterinarian for their diet recommendations.