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Wing Clipping

Wing Clipping Your Bird’s Feathers

If you have a bird, you likely don’t want them flying all over the place. Do fight this, you can perform a wing clipping and eliminate some of their flight feathers. Birds shed their feathers regularly. They grow back consistently over time. This is true for pet parrots, cockatiels, or any breed of bird you …

Small Parrots

Small Parrots Are Great Birds and Companions

Sometimes we want a non-traditional pet. While there are many bird breeds, small parrots in particular are great for beginner bird owners. There are more species of parrots than you may expect. Parakeets, cockatiels, and macaws are a few examples. But what makes small parrots unique pets? There are many contributing factors. Unique Features of …

pet birds

Pet Birds That Are Great for Everyone

When you have limited space and often find yourself alone, pet birds just might be a great fit for you. Birds can be great companions for senior citizens, children, or pet-less households, and they can provide friendship and amusement for many years. There are many reasons why birds make such great pets. Among these reasons …

caring for rescued birds

Caring for Rescued Birds and Raising Them

The warm months of spring and summer bring a host of birds to us. Robins, blue jays and starlings line the branches of trees and entertain us with their foraging and flight. It is important to know what you are doing when caring for rescued birds. It is very common to come across fledglings or …

Pet Parrot

Pet Parrot Facts to Know Before Getting One

Many people first consider getting a pet parrot after seeing one in a pet store. Others may see one at an event such as a Renaissance festival. It suddenly seemed like a wonderful idea to own one of these interesting creatures. Before buying or adopting a parrot, look into all aspects of raising a parrot …

teaching your bird how to behave

Teaching Your Bird How to Behave

Teaching your bird to behave can be one of the most frustrating parts of owning a bird. Birds can act out in a variety of ways. They may nip, scream incessantly, throw food, and so on. Your bird’s behavior is not because she is a “bad egg,” but probably due to loneliness, over-stimulation, or health …

find baby birds

What to Do If You Find Baby Birds

For many of us, spring time can be an exciting chance to see nature spring to life. The flowers you’ve planted begin to bloom. You see find baby birds and many animals frolicking about. We are all reminded that new life is constantly being created. However, sometimes this life gets off to a shaky start, …

Gifts for Parrot Owners

Best Gifts for Parrot Owners Everywhere

If you’ve ever owned a pet, you know how pricey they can be. Birds are no exception. Being the holiday season, you may be looking for the perfect gifts for parrot owners you may know. There are many possible surprises for them, but maybe you aren’t sure what to get. Did your friend purchase their …

Blue Headed Pionus Parrot

The Pionus Parrot Emergency Command

Before going any further, I would like you to know that I am a proud owner (parent) of a 17 year old male blue headed pionus parrot. His name is Pete. I adopted my new friend Pete when he was just five months old. He came from exceptional and highly trained breeders. Through the years, …

Parrot Adoption

Parrot Adoption: Rescuing Your First Bird

The thought of adopting a pet never occurred to me. Dog adoption, parrot adoption, or any pets captured my interest. I guess I fell into the pet store trap. I never thought about how necessary it was to adopt pets. Every day a shocking amount of pets are sent to shelters, or put up for …