Buying a Kitten

Bringing a new pet into your home requires preparations. They have many necessities like we do. If you know you’re buying a kitten, be prepared ahead of time.

How do you make a new kitten feel comfortable in their new home? If your house is going to become the cat’s new territory, it has to have some essentials for it to be happy.

Before Buying a Kitten

There are many necessities you need for a new pet. Cat food, a litter box, and cat litter are just a few things.

Cats and kittens alike need attention. You should consider asking yourself a few questions before adopting a new feline.

  • Will you have time to take care of him?
  • What type of cat do you want?
  • Can you devote time to grooming and doctoring him?
  • Will my other pets be welcoming to a kitten?
  • Would you be better off breeding cats than adopting?

You shouldn’t make the decision without some thought.

Toys and Bedding for Comfort

Kittens should already have some toys and bedding ready before you buy him. The toys and bed should be ready as soon as he or she comes through the door.

Get many toys for the kitten to play with. The cat may chose one or two to play with, or maybe him will like them all.

Nonetheless, the cat needs to know that he has plenty of things to have fun with.

Although luxurious cat beds are available, a standard bed will do just fine.

Get a Scratching Post

You should consider getting a cat tree with scratch posts. These are usually where a cat will spend a majority of their time.

The taller, the better. Cats love to be as high as they can get, which explains why they like climbing trees and other tall objects.

Scratch posts are a great way to sharpen a growing kitten’s claws. They also allow the felines to stretch their muscles.

If you have carpet and notice your cat scratching a certain area of it, that may be a good place for a scratching pad.

Give The Kitten Space

Don’t smother the kitten too much when it gets there. He has to adjust to his new area before it will be a happy cat.

Let him be curious before you limit what you think he shouldn’t be doing.

Make sure you get the kitten acquainted with its litter box early and often. Just take him to his litter box every couple of hours the first few days. As a result, this reinforces that it is theirs to use.

After about a week or so the cat should be happy, playful, and comfortable. Now you have a happy pet that you may have for years to come.

Good luck!