Popular Cat Breeds

Most people have a pet. Believe it or not, cats are the most popular pet in the entire world. What are the most popular cat breeds though?

If you aren’t a proud parent of a furry friend yet, it’s something to really consider. Cats are among the healthiest animals, and they’re great animals for multiple reasons.

What Determines Popular Cat Breeds?

In general, cats have less needs than dogs and other animals. It goes without saying that there are preferred breeds, but how are they determined?

Breeds that are low maintenance and clean are usually preferred over other breeds. Likewise, many people prefer cats who show lots of love and affection.

Some owners may want to begin breeding cats, so they prefer certain breeds when doing so.

Different breeds have their perks over others. However, that doesn’t mean any of the cats are less amazing than others.

With that said, let’s take a look at some popular cat breeds.

The Persian Cat is a Good Breed

First on our list is the docile and dignified breed that is the Persian cat. These beautiful animals are affectionate but quiet.

Their beauty comes at a cost, unfortunately, as Persians are at-risk for numerous health issues. The facial structure causes many of the health problems they experience.

Persians have a sturdy body overall. Their face is round and short. Facial features include rounded ears, big eyes, and chubby cheeks.

Because they have long, fluffy fur, they require more grooming than other cat breeds. A grooming kit will be necessary. Nonetheless, the Persian is still a sweet and beautiful breed.

Siamese Cats Are Popular Cat Breeds

The Siamese cat is known for its dark face that blends perfectly with the pale body. It adds to the elegant look of this gorgeous breed.

Their beautifully blue eyes are mesmerizing and the breed overall is a treat to look at.

Siamese cats are likely among popular cat breeds because of their show of extreme affection.

The Siamese is the origin for many other cat breeds. The Himalayan cat and Sphynx are two notable breeds.

The American Shorthair Cat

Despite the name, American shorthair cats originated from Europe. They were brought to America by early settlers. The family favorite is consistently on the top list of popular cat breeds.

You’ve possibly seen one of these cats at a local shop. These little guys are great at chasing away rats and mice.

Their keen intelligence and personality are defining characteristics. American shorthairs are typically great with other pets as well, and they’re great around children. Parents definitely love that.

You don’t have to do much as far as grooming. Considering American shorthairs are generally healthy, you don’t have to worry much about vet visits either.

Good Ol’ Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon cats are intelligent, playful, and great with people. They’re commonly known for those traits and their size. Maine Coons are one of the larger domestic breeds.

Maine Coons have large feet, but many of the breed have extra toes. This makes their feet even larger. If you live in a snowy area, this works in their favor as large feet operate as snowshoes.

They are from where their name suggests: Maine. In fact, they’re the official cat of the state. They’ve been popular mouser cats since the early 1800s.

You may commonly find Maine Coons to be a brown color. However, you may fine their shaggy coats to be almost any color.

The Popular Abyssinian Cat Breed

The Abyssinian cat, sometimes called Abys, is an Ethiopian native. This elegant breed has a love for heights, so they’ll love a climbing tower. They like living their lives to the fullest.

They are very curious and playful. Abys love exploring their surroundings. Similarly to the American shorthair, Abyssinians generally get along with other pets and children.

These gorgeous cats have medium sized bodies with short coats and long, slender legs. Their heads are a wedge shape with ears that are half-cupped. Their appearance is similar to Egyptian cats.

While Abyssinian cats are commonly a red, they can be cinnamon or blue in color. No matter their color, they are definitely lovely.

Pick the Right Breed for You

There are plenty of options out there for you. Whether you want a relaxed companion or an exploring feline, finding the right breed for you isn’t hard.

Even if you don’t want a cat who’s part of the most popular breeds, you can still find one to fit your needs.

Above all, make them feel at home and welcome in their environment. Understand what you’re getting into.

Cats are great pets and need to be treated as such.