uncommon dog names

When my parents decided that we could get a puppy, my mother took us to the pound to pick one. Once we had her home, we could not agree on a name. We were torn between uncommon dog names or something less unique.

There are many name choices for dogs. Common or unique names are both fine. It all depends on your preference.

10 Uncommon Male Dog Names

  • Heinz: Ketchup, German.
  • Angus: AC/DC guitarist, Celtic God of love.
  • Bogie: American actor, golf term (one over par).
  • Dozer: Bull dozer.
  • Cujo: Stephen King horror novel, hockey player.
  • Gizmo: Duck Tales character, the Gremlins.
  • Hershey: Chocolate.
  • Maverick: Roller coaster, basketball, Tom Cruise in Top Gun.
  • Tyson: Male model, chicken, boxer.
  • Shark: Jaws, ocean.

Unique Names

With unique names, it is harder to say what size dog and what kind of personality traits in a dog would make it best for the name.

When you are going with unique popular male dog name you will most likely choose the name because you like it and watch your dog grow into it.

For example, my cat’s name is Goose (full name Grey Goose Pate). As he grew up, he grew into the name. He is very vocal like a Goose and sometimes acts like a dopey drunk man.

I can’t completely describe why, but for some reason he reminds me of something French.

10 Common Male Dog Names

  • Max: This one syllable name is easy to call out. This name would be great for large dogs with a strut.
  • Buddy: Who hasn’t heard that a dog is a man’s best friend? Well then what better name for a playful and loyal male dog of any size than Buddy?
  • Rocky: If your dog is scrappy and tough like Rocky Balboa then this name is perfect. Your male dog doesn’t need to be big for this popular male dog name to be fitting.
  • Duke: Does you male dog have a heir of nobility and leadership? Did you just bring a large male dog into a house already occupied by smaller dogs? Duke may be just the right name for him.
  • Sparky: If you have a little dog that chases his tail for hours, then Sparky is great for him.
  • Winston: This name would be perfect for a calmer dog who enjoys laying in their dog bed and can’t be bothered with childish games of fetch. Great for an older male dog, big and small.
  • Buster: Is your new male dog a bit of a stinker? Whether your new dog is big or small, Buster might just be the perfect popular male dog name for them.
  • Harley: This popular male dog name would make a great fit for a dog with a bad attitude who likes to strut his stuff around the house like he owns the place.
  • Barney: Is your dog great with kids? If so, then Barney would be a great popular male dog name for your dog.
  • Charlie: This popular male dog name is great for dogs large or small, who are extremely loyal and fierce, since the name “Charles” means “army, warrior”.

There are 20 male dog names, half being common and half being uncommon. If nothing strikes you as the right name right away then give yourself a few days to get to know your dog a little better.

Once you know his personality, you may have an easier time choosing a name.