female dog names from movies

Some people choose to get their dog names from movies, but there are many other options.

Choosing the right name for your dog can be a tough decision. Many people struggle to find a name that matches the breed.

People take inspiration from popular figures from various sources in their lives.

Dog Names from Movies and Comics

Many people pick their dog names from movies. Although this is common, there are still unique names you can find.

When the popular series Twilight first came out, character names from it were a big hit among teenagers. Female character names such as Bella, Rosalie and Esme.

People often choose superhero names of females, as well as comic book characters. Wonder Woman, Starfire, and Storm are just a few of the many possibilities.

Celebrity Names

People view celebrities as a big inspiration for names.

Fans of former president Barack Obama may choose his childrens’ names for their girl dogs. Sasha and Malia would make good girl dog names.

Movie stars are commonly looked to by new dog owners for name choices. Likewise, athletes and music artists can be a go-to as well.

Common (Yet Popular) Female Dog Names

The top girl dog name has been Maggie over the years. This is followed closely by Molly, Lady, Sadie and Lucy.

The American Kennel Club also compiles a list of the top girl dog names. The top of their list included names such as Lady, Bella, Princess, May and Rose.

Uncommon Dog Names

Last but not least, there are name choices that you don’t see too often. Some may find it unique to name their dog after a beverage of choice.

Among others, some choice girl dog names are Chablis, Margarita, Bacardi. If you have a pair of females, Pinot and Grigio would be a cute choice.

There are endless choices for names. Even if your dog’s name is not unique, she will still be unique.