trend setting dog names

You’ve just brought home a fluffy little ball of fur and they deserve some trendy dog names.

If you’re like most people, you’ll name the little critter after its personality. Otherwise, you’ll follow the lead of a large percentage and give it a popular name like Max, Buddy, Maggie, Molly, Sadie, Lucy, or Daisy.

But if you want to cross the boundaries of popularity here are some trendy dog names:

Trendy Dog Names

  • For your good-looking Labrador or Golden Retriever, try Beauregard, this is a good choice because it means handsome face.
  • Phoebe, meaning bright, shining star, could fit your little Maltese, Shih Tzu or Yorkie. But Coquette or Delilah might fit her flirty personality even better.
  • If you’ve got an impish poodle or dachshund, Elf is a great name because of how small and mischievous they are. Or tap into its wild side and name it Diablo, a takeoff on “devil since they tend to raise hell from time to time.” Casanova or Romeo could fit your amorous beagle.
  • If you think your tubby little puppy will always be a little chunky, name it Gordito, because it translates to small, chubby thing in Spanish.
  • Have a pit bull, rottweiler or German shepherd? Try Bruiser because of how muscular they look. Domino, Boris, Amazon, Hercules, Tarzan, or Goliath are good choices as well because they refer to warriors of folklore.
  • Boxer dog owners can try Tyson, Ali or even Sugar Ray due to how idolized these former boxers are. Nike is a great name for the dog who likes long walks in the park since the Nike brand is synonymous with staying active.

Fantasy Names

Use Lord of the Rings characters as your inspiration:

  • Boromir (human)
  • Gimli (dwarf)
  • Legolas (elf)
  • Aragon (dark, loyal pet)
  • Frodo (little male pet)

If you don’t fancy Lord of the Rings, try Harry Potter characters:

  • Fang for a dog with long pointed teeth.
  • Flitwick, the professor, for your serious hound.
  • Hagrid, keeper of the keys for a serious watchdog.
  • Quidditch, the game played in the air on broomsticks, could fit a playful pet.
  • Dumbledore, the wisest wizard of his generation, could fit any number of breeds.