Angelfish Care

Angelfish care is not a difficult task. It just takes a few tips and motivation to get on the right path.

Angelfish are beautiful fish that live and reproduce admirably in the Amazon River. This means that acidic water and rather warm temperatures are their friend.

However, we will get into that shortly.

General Angelfish Care

Angelfish breed easily within the right environment, and will grow from just enough to make your tank look nice into a huge family with ease.

Being that they thrive so easily in the Amazon River, it would be expected that the preferred temperature for the angelfish is in the range of 76-80 degrees.

They can withstand a high acidity level and actually do rather well in it. You should keep the pH of the tank in the range of 6-7.2. However, if you want to breed the fish, then the pH should be from 6.5-6.8.

Ammonia is not a friend of the angelfish, so invest in a good filtration system for your fish tank. You don’t want to cause harm to your beautiful angelfish.

The angelfish is beautiful. We want them to be happy and thrive in our aquariums. This allows us to enjoy their beauty for a long period of time.

We don’t want to invest more money in buying more angelfish because we didn’t remember this one little thing that can be devastating to them.

Make sure that you change the water regularly. Doing so keeps them happy and healthy. If you have more fish in the tank, you should change the water more often.

There are chemicals sold in pet stores that will help you to get the proper pH each time you change the water in the fish tank.

Angelfish Food

There are many varieties of fish food available. When caring for angelfish you need to make sure that you are not giving them a food that could harm them.

Pellets and flakes are fine, but the angelfish requires variety in their diet. Live bloodworms are not recommended as they can have parasites, however dried bloodworms in a can are fine.

Other foods that angelfish will love are chopped earthworms, guppy fry, and the larvae of mosquito. Make sure to feed the mosquito larvae with tweezers in order to keep yourself from having an allergic reaction.

Homemade Angelfish Food

If you are more of a Martha Stewart type, then you can make homemade food for your angelfish. This will requires you to chop a beef heart and wash it to remove all of the blood.

After washing, wrap the beef heart in cheese cloth to make sure that there is no remaining blood.

Another ingredient you will need is unflavored gelatin, similar to the kind used to make homemade jellies or jams.

While caring for fish, including angelfish, isn’t difficult, it can be tedious if you have a busy schedule.

Remember to treat the fish as you would want someone to treat you in their situation.