Decorations for Fish Tanks

Whenever you enter a room with an aquarium, it’s usually one of the first things you notice. Many fish owners put a lot of time and money into their fish and decorations for fish tanks.

Your fish tank can control the vibe of a room. Adding the right accessories to it will make it more aesthetically pleasing and brighten the mood.

Let’s assume you already have a fish tank setup. How do you go about finding the best decorations for fish tanks?

How to Choose the Right Decorations

Fish tanks often have a variety of caves, coral, rocks, and more. There are plenty of decorations for fish tanks to choose from.

There are two main factors to consider when picking decorations for your aquarium.

The fish tank accessories should provide a sense of atmosphere to your fish. Your fish should feel safe gravitating towards the decorations and, if necessary, use them for shelter.

Additionally, you should to be mindful of your surroundings outside of the aquarium. This can help create an immersive theme to match the room design. Although this isn’t completely necessary, it will visually help.

With those factors in mind, a good focal point is choosing a color scheme to follow. Some aquarium enthusiasts go with vibrant, wild colors, while others choose a more natural look.

The color of your fish can be a big help in deciding on the color scheme. If you have a green fish, you might not want as much green scenery for the fish to blend in.

Regardless of the decor you’re hunting for, the important thing is selecting high-quality products.

The Best Decorations for Fish Tanks

While there is a seamlessly infinite amount of decorations for fish tanks, these are the best ones you can get.

Aquarium Backdrops

Depending on the location of your aquarium, a backdrop isn’t always necessary. Some are meant for you to spectate from all angles. However, aquarium backgrounds are ideal for most tanks.

The SPORN tropical background is a static image that’s simple, yet it still looks great. It’s 24 inches by 12 inches. If it’s too large for your aquarium, you can cut it to size.

If you want a more lifelike background, the POPETPOP decorative backdrop might be for you. It’s double-sided and easy to add to your fish tank.

You’ll get the biggest bang for your buck with Hitop’s aquarium backgrounds as it comes with three pieces, each double-sided. That’s six options for you to choose from, all in one!

Castles, Caves, and Ornaments

The most aesthetic pieces usually come from castles, caves, and ornaments you add to your aquarium. You don’t want to overdo it, so be mindful of the space you’re working with.

The classic Bikini Bottom ornaments are common in many fish tanks. Add the homes of Squidward and SpongeBob to your aquarium, along with the Krusty Krab.

Let’s be honest, is an aquarium really complete without a SpongeBob reference?

If you have a Betta fish tank, the Zoo Med floating Betta log is a nice addition. The natural-looking log allows your fish to sleep, play, and eat in it. It even has a feeding hole on top.

The Penn-Plax wizard’s castle is a large, grey castle that adds a nice medieval feel to aquariums. It’s hand painted and features realistic details. It’s 8 inches wide and just over 10 inches tall.

The glowing jellyfish ornament is an interesting decoration for fish tanks. The ornaments float freely and illuminate the aquarium. They’re harmless to your fish as the material is eco-friendly silicone.

The Marina Polyresin cave is a nice, simplistic touch to the aquarium. The small accessory is less than 8 inches tall and just over 11 inches wide. It gives your fish a dim area to escape to.

Plants, Wood, and Driftwood

One of the most natural decorations you can add to aquariums is wood or driftwood. When it comes to plants in fish tanks, they can be live or artificial. Pair the two decorations and you have an appealing fish tank.

Pick up some natural cholla wood, especially for tanks with shrimp. This particular pack from NilocG Aquatics comes with 5 pieces so you can spread them out as you please.

The 5 pack of Natural driftwood branches by Hamiledyi look realistic. The various, unique shapes add to the aesthetic value. They branches are lightweight and sturdy.

If you want live plants, marimo moss balls are an all-natural option. They are the easiest live aquarium plant as they don’t require anything special to survive.

The moss balls increase the water quality by removing nitrogen and phosphate from the aquarium. They also fight off algae growing.

Water spangles are a floating live plant. Although they do require special lighting, they still add to the natural look. Be aware of the predicted temperature in your area if you do choose to snag these.

As for artificial plants, the Ecoscaper Hydrocotyle silk plant from Marina fights nice. It looks natural and it’s easy to secure in your tank.

If you want something more colorful, CousDUoBe artificial plants come in a variety of colors. There are 11 total styles available. They are easy to clean and completely safe.

Care for Your Aquarium

Once you’ve set up your aquarium and all of the decorations are in place, you just have to take care of the tank and its inhabitants.

Remember to not overcrowd your aquarium when decorating. Your fish need room to comfortably swim around.

Additionally, be sure to thoroughly clean your new decorations and accessories before adding them. They may have collected dirt and dust that you don’t want contaminating your water.

No matter how decorative or minimal your fish tank is, be proud of what you have.