Moving Your Goldfish

If you own a goldfish and are moving may be wondering how a move for a goldfish will be.

You probably have already moved your goldfish from their fish tank or fish bowl when you had to clean their home. But transporting them long distances can be very intimidating.

Moving from one fish tank or bowl to another can be a very traumatic experience for a goldfish.

A perfectly healthy goldfish can develop an illness just from the process of moving from one aquarium to another. Minimizing the trauma for your goldfish will help them not become ill.

Moving Your Goldfish

It’s important to make transition to your new fish tank as calm as possible for your aquatic friend.

Using a plastic bag fill it with some of the aquarium water and add your goldfish to it. Keep it closed for obvious reasons but make sure that there is always plenty of oxygen in it.

For super long trips where your fish will be in the bag, it is important to open it to allow oxygen to get to your fish.

When taking the fish outside make sure that they are protected from the sun, goldfish do not have eyelids.

Make sure that where ever they are in the vehicle that they will not have a lot of turbulence and they will not get too hot or too cold.

Transition to New Tank

With the new fish tank or bowl set up in your new home you can begin the transition from plastic bag to tank.

Set the plastic bag, with the fish still in it, in the aquarium. This will allow the water temperature to be the same in the bag as it is in the aquarium. You will want to keep the bag in the water for at least twenty minutes.

Getting the chemistry of the water in the bag and in the aquarium the same is equally important.

After that twenty minutes pour a cup full of aquarium water into the bag. Then wait another ten or fifteen minutes, still keep the bag floating in the tank.

Then take a cupful of water out of the bag and discard it and add another cupful of water from the aquarium to the bag. Let the bag float in the aquarium yet again for another fifteen minutes.

Lastly take a large bowl and set it beside your fish tank, and using your fish net pour the contents of the bag, including your goldfish, gently into the net.

The water will go through the net and into the bowl, it should not be added to the aquarium. Gently set the netting into the aquarium or fish bowl and let your gold fish swim out of it.

This information can also be used when you are moving a goldfish from the pet store to your home.