Fish for a 5 Gallon Tank

Many people find setting up a large tropical fish tank or aquarium a daunting task. On top of that, finding fish for a 5 gallon tank or any size is a task in itself. It can be expensive and time consuming.

Children often ask their parents for a fish tank of their own. Unfortunately, a 25 to 100 gallon tank is often too big or too costly to consider.

The ideal solution for people who would like to own pet fish but don’t have the space for a large aquarium is to consider a small, five gallon fish tank.

The Five Gallon Fish Tank

A five gallon tropical fish tank is perfect for the counter top or desktop. You can set the aquarium up in a small corner of the bedroom or on a nightstand.

These small ecosystems include everything needed to have a thriving fish tank.

Small aquariums are not like the round bowl most people put goldfish in years ago. Those fish were lucky if they lived for a week.

Today, small fish tanks are equipped with pumps, filters, stones, and even decorations. A five gallon tank easily accommodates five or six tropical fish.

Choose The Right Fish

When choosing fish for the tank, be sure to choose community fish that get along with each other. An aggressive fish will consider any non-aggressive fish as a delectable meal!

Another thing to keep in mind is the size of the fish. Choose fish that will not grow to more than an inch or two.

Any fish that is bigger than this when full grown will be uncomfortable in such a small fish tank.

The Best Fish for a 5 Gallon Tank

There are many fish you can get for a 5 gallon tank. If you are considering a fish, you should definitely do research before you select one.

Most exotic fish will need much more space than a 5 gallon tank can provide. However, there are plenty of great fish that work great in 5 gallon tanks.


Black Neon Tetras and Cardinal Tetras are ideal fish for a small tank. They remain small and are wonderful schooling fish. They don’t grow to any more than an inch and are non-aggressive.

Zebra Danio

The Zebrafish has five stripes extending from the head to the tail. they are very attractive and friendly fish, making them perfect for a small aquarium.

Peaceful Betta

This Betta is similar in appearance to the Zebra Danio. It is a friendly fish and doesn’t grow too large. But be careful when choosing a Betta because there are many different types and some will grow up to four inches.

White Cloud Mountain Fish

The White Cloud Mountain fish is actually a minnow. It is similar in size to the Black Neon Tetras and has a colorful red face with a silver body.


The classic Goldfish are also a good choice for a small fish tank. They do not require much care and are very hardy fish.

Goldfish do grow to be very large, however, so keep this in mind if you choose one for your tank.

One or two goldfish would be fine for a small tank, but you have to move them to a larger aquarium as they grow.

Above all else, choose a fish you know you want and can take care of.