Grooming Your Horse

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of horses is riding them. Others enjoy having them as a yard pet. Either way, you should be regularly grooming your horse if you have one.

It’s important to regularly groom your pets for multiple reasons. Look at them as cars. They won’t perform as well if you don’t regularly maintain them.

There are other benefits to grooming your horse and providing daily care.

You Get Hands-On Interaction

While daily grooming can take an hour or more, it doesn’t have to. The average grooming time should be well under that if your doing it routinely. A grooming kit can also be helpful.

You have the chance to inspect every inch of your majestic horse with a daily groom. Use this opportunity to assess the health of your horse.

Consider performing a brief physical exam while you’re at it. After all, you can tell a lot from being hands on with your horse. Visually inspecting them over the fence can only tell so much.

A good, thorough groom lets you find sensitive areas where your big pony. Likewise, you can come across any rashes or scratches, or areas of swelling. You can catch these before they become major problems.

Grooming Your Horse Prevents Issues

Wild horses don’t have the luxury of being groomed by humans. Blood flow increases and large muscle groups get massaged with a routine grooming session.

Part of your daily routine should include hoof picking. Doing this not only keeps their feet clean, but also prevents thrush.

Thrush is a bacterial disease of the sole and, although preventable, is a common issue.

Horses in the wild mutually groom each other, which simulates the use of combs and brushes.

When you adopt a horse, you take on that responsibility of continuing the grooming process that they regularly experience in their natural habitat.

Grooming Your Horse Grows a Bond

Although there is a minority group of horse who don’t like to be groomed, most tend to enjoy it. Grooming your horse is a great chance to grow a bond with your four legged companion.

Grooming is relaxing for most horses as you don’t really require anything from them. They bring you a lot of enjoyment and the least you can do is help them, especially after a trail ride.

When starting a fresh relationship with a new horse, grooming is a great way to grow a bond between you and your mount. It can relieve anxiety and help your new horse adjust.

Make sure you call your horse by their name when grooming. It’s a great way for them to become familiar with it.

Do More Than Just Grooming

Grooming can be a substitute for a ride. There are many exercises you can do alongside it as well. Leg extensions and sideways neck bends help with balance and flexibility.

Oftentimes people will use grooming as an opportunity to practice ground manners. Likewise, they use the time to teach tricks to their horse.

You could give some horse treats to your companion while grooming. You don’t even have to put a ton of time into the extra activities.

There’s plenty that can be done in 30 minutes or less.

It’s Great Exercise for You

Most of the benefits have been more so your horse. Grooming your horse is a great form of exercise for you.

Think about it. How often have you found yourself sweating during a grooming session? Putting your back into scrubbing your horse is definitely a workout.

To remove as much dirt and dead hair as possible, you have to put some muscle in it. If you’re working the body brush right, you’ll definitely feel it in your triceps and shoulders.

Horses are majestic creatures and they need to be cared for. That includes a routine grooming.

Show your horse that you love them and beautify them.