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Horse Adoption

Horse Adoption: The Process, Fees, and Preparations

Many people find a sense of pride in adopting pets. It gives the pet a second chance at life. When you consider adopting a pet, horse adoption is not likely first on your list. In many cases, horses at adoption organizations were rescued from an abusive lifestyle or possibly from a natural disaster. There’s a …

Types of Horses for Riding

Best Types of Horses for Riding

Horse riding is relaxing for some people. Just you along with your horse and nature. There are certain types of horses that are best for casual riding though. Practically any horse can be used solely for riding. It simply requires the proper training and mindset. They may have a little more “horsepower” than you’re looking …

Horse Facts

Horse Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Horses are smart, beautiful creatures. Humans have valued them for centuries. Even after all this time, there are a lot of horse facts that many people have yet to learn. It doesn’t matter if you use horses for transportation, competition, or agricultural use. They’ve shown their loyalty to humans over the years, and we’ve returned …

Names for Horses

Names for Horses of All Breeds

It can be difficult when choosing names for horses. You may adopt a horse that already has a name, but you don’t like it. On the other hand, you may not know the name at all. One cool fact about horses is they can learn and understand words such as their name. Choosing the right …

Common Horse Breeds

The Most Common Horse Breeds

Horses are a beloved animal. If you detour through the country roads, it’s very likely you’ll notice someone with horses. It’s even more likely that you spot one of the common horse breeds. People have horses for various reasons. Many enjoy riding horses, either competitively or casually. Some breed horses along with other animals. 5 …

Grooming Your Horse

Why Grooming Your Horse is Beneficial

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of horses is riding them. Others enjoy having them as a yard pet. Either way, you should be regularly grooming your horse if you have one. It’s important to regularly groom your pets for multiple reasons. Look at them as cars. They won’t perform as well …