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Horse Adoption

Horse Adoption: The Process, Fees, and Preparations

Many people find a sense of pride in adopting pets. It gives the pet a second chance at life. When you consider adopting a pet, horse adoption is not likely first on your list. In many cases, horses at adoption organizations were rescued from an abusive lifestyle or possibly from a natural disaster. There’s a …

Popular Cat Breeds

Most Popular Cat Breeds in Households

Most people have a pet. Believe it or not, cats are the most popular pet in the entire world. What are the most popular cat breeds though? If you aren’t a proud parent of a furry friend yet, it’s something to really consider. Cats are among the healthiest animals, and they’re great animals for multiple …

Pet Parrot

Pet Parrot Facts to Know Before Getting One

Many people first consider getting a pet parrot after seeing one in a pet store. Others may see one at an event such as a Renaissance festival. It suddenly seemed like a wonderful idea to own one of these interesting creatures. Before buying or adopting a parrot, look into all aspects of raising a parrot …

Parrot Adoption

Parrot Adoption: Rescuing Your First Bird

The thought of adopting a pet never occurred to me. Dog adoption, parrot adoption, or any pets captured my interest. I guess I fell into the pet store trap. I never thought about how necessary it was to adopt pets. Every day a shocking amount of pets are sent to shelters, or put up for …