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Outdoor Activities for Dogs

Outdoor Activities for Dogs and Their Owners

To stay healthy, dogs need plenty of exercise to live a healthy and happy life. It also helps keep your dog out of trouble. Outdoor activities for dogs are great for them to get their exercise, while also getting a breath of fresh air. If your dog isn’t used to being outside often or for …

Dog X-Ray Costs

Dog X-Ray Costs & Other Health Care Expenses

Dog x-ray costs, veterinarian visits, and general health care is costly. How many times has your dog had to see a veterinarian? Did you have to pay hundreds, or even thousands of dollars? Currently in the United States, there is a growing trend of pet health insurance. There are many reasons you should consider getting …

Dog Allergy Symptoms & Solutions

Dog Allergy Symptoms & Solutions

Everyone knows that humans have allergies. While we’re busy sneezing and coughing, we may not realize that our dogs can also suffer from allergies. We may not understand any dog allergy symptoms in our pets. In fact, it has been documented that 20 percent of all dogs in the United States suffer from some form …

Dog Health Care

Dog Health Concerns and Solutions

There are many forms of dog health problems that can make your pet sick. Similarly, there are many signs you can spot to get your furry friend taken care of as soon as possible. Although your dog may be well-cared-for and not get sick too often, it’s still possible that health issues will arise. To …

trend setting dog names

Trendy Dog Names for All Breeds

You’ve just brought home a fluffy little ball of fur and they deserve some trendy dog names. If you’re like most people, you’ll name the little critter after its personality. Otherwise, you’ll follow the lead of a large percentage and give it a popular name like Max, Buddy, Maggie, Molly, Sadie, Lucy, or Daisy. But if …

Protect Your Dog in Natural Disasters

Protect Your Dog During Natural Disasters

You should always protect your dog and other pets. This goes for normal days or when outstanding events occur. Most dog owners aren’t completely sure what to do with their furry friends during natural disasters. Many victims of these disasters don’t know what to do with their pets, or where to take them. During Hurricane …

unique boy dog names

Unique Boy Dog Names for All Types of Dogs

If you are planning on getting a new male puppy and are looking for the perfect name why be like the majority and give your dog a popular name when you can use unique boy dog names? You can give them a name that’s a bit more unique. Every dog, big or small, deserves to …

rare dog names

Rare Dog Names That Fit All Breeds

Every dogs deserve rare dog names that stands out and makes them one of a kind. Avoid the usual “Max” or “Sam” or “Fluffy” names for your next dog. A dog’s name should reflect a lot about you, the owner. So take the time to think over some rare dog names. If you find yourself …

popular dog names

Most Popular Dog Names for Males and Females

It is important to give your dog a name that is easily recognizable so they can answer to your commands easily. It just so happens that some of the most recognizable of dog names are popular dog names. If you’ve ever wondered if your dog’s name is a popular dog name, then check out these …

unique dog names

Unique Dog Names for All Breeds

There are an abundance of unused, unique dog names that can fit dogs of all breeds. Creating a unique dog name for your pet can seem like a challenge at first because we all want the best name for our dog that reflects the whole of their personality in one word. Choosing a good name …