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signs of cat allergies

Cat Allergies and Signs to Spot

If you think your cat may have allergies, you are not alone. Many cat owners do not realize their cat is showing signs of an allergy. Cats often have a greater chance of having an allergy than not, so any of the signs below can be signs of cat allergies. Depending on the type of …

Cat Names for Males and Females

Cat Names for Males and Females

Our pets need names that match their personality. If you’re considering adopting a new kitten or cat, you need to have some cat names for males or females in mind. Choosing a name that everyone can agree on can be tough, but you’ll eventually find something with a nice ring to it. People have different …

Buying a Kitten

Buying a Kitten? How to Make Them Feel at Home

Bringing a new pet into your home requires preparations. They have many necessities like we do. If you know you’re buying a kitten, be prepared ahead of time. How do you make a new kitten feel comfortable in their new home? If your house is going to become the cat’s new territory, it has to …

managing your cat allergies

Cat Dander Allergy Solutions for Home

Many people are allergic to cats. In fact, more people are allergic to cats than to dogs. There are a lot of misconceptions about allergies to cats, though. Cat dander, among other things, contribute to these allergies. Some people believe that they are allergic to cat hair. Others believe it is an allergy to dried …

home remedies for cat allergies

Home Remedies for Cat Allergies

When you found out that your own pets are a main cause of your allergy symptoms, you might have been told to get rid of them. Well, there’s good news: You can keep your cats with these home remedies for cat allergies! It just means being diligent about keeping your house cleaner than ever, which …

Cat Care Tips

Cat Care Tips for New Owners

Pets can have very beneficial effects on their owners. Cats are no exception. Cat care is important to keep your kitty happy. They are stimulating and entertaining. Pets can even improve the general health and well-being of an owner. As humans, we often seek companionship and we find that easily in the pet-owner relationship. However, …

Cat Reproduc

Cat Reproduction Tips and Tricks

Breeding cats is a satisfying hobby for many people. Cats can have multiple kittens during their birth. They can have one kitten, or they can have more than ten. Cat reproduction is not the easiest task, but it can be done. While it is recommended that cats should be spayed instead of breeding, some cat …

food allergies in cats

Food Allergies in Cats and Solutions to Them

Most people don’t think about food allergies in cats, especially not their own. These food allergies do occur. But the tale of a Blue Gray Russian kitten shows us a different story. Nearly five years ago, we chose to adopt him from the Cedar Valley Humane Society in Waterloo, Iowa. The kitten appeared to be …

kitten home safety tips

Kitten Home Safety Tips for Newborns

There are a few kitten home safety tips that owners should know. There is nothing that is more heart-warming than a litter of new kittens playfully running about the house. Kittens, in one sense, are much like any other immature creature. Every aspect of life and environment is new to them. There are a lot …

breeding cats for beginners

Breeding Cats & Newborn Kittens for Beginners

If you’re a cat lover, the idea of breeding cats and having a houseful of little kittens has probably crossed your mind at one time or another. However, the actual process of setting up a cattery may be a mystery. A cattery is simply the feline version of a kennel. It’s a place where breeding, …