kitten home safety tips

There are a few kitten home safety tips that owners should know. There is nothing that is more heart-warming than a litter of new kittens playfully running about the house.

Kittens, in one sense, are much like any other immature creature. Every aspect of life and environment is new to them.

There are a lot of hazards to be aware of in your home. This will prevent injuries to the newborns, or even death.

Kitten Home Safety Tips

It is imperative that a kitten owner realize that kittens are extremely inquisitive by nature and love to explore.

So it’s important for a kitten owner to make their home environment as safe as is possible until the kittens begin to mature.

Home safety tips for kitten owners begins with a walk-through of the owner’s residence in order to assess the risks that are present to a kitten’s health.

This should be an in depth and objective view of the dangers that are present, written down on paper.

Electrical cords, household cleaners, chemicals, and medications all pose a significant risk to kittens. They should be eliminated from common areas to prevent injury.

Small items that present choking hazards such as a child’s toys and heavy household items must be stored in a secure location.

You can distract your new pet with toys of their own. This will entertain them and help you keep track of them.

Remember that kittens are rather delicate creatures. Therefore, it does not take much in the way of trauma to cause severe injury.

After assessing your home and implementing the appropriate changes your home should be relatively “kitten-proofed”.

But there is one last safety tip for kitten owners that is possibly the most important.

Don’t Let Them Roam

It is nearly impossible to guard the actions of kittens as they run about the home. You should limit the areas the kittens can access.

Keep the litter in a secure room with all possible dangers removed or in a large cage that restricts the kitten’s movements.

This helps make sure they’re safe and prevents having to chase them around.