german shepherds

The German Shepherd is a large-sized breed belonging to the herding group of working dogs.

This breed of dogs originally saw development in Germany to guard and herd a shepherd’s flocks.

The German Shepherd requires an active lifestyle, and makes for an ideal companion and protector.

German Shepherd History and Background

The German Shepherd breed over the years has served in many different capacities in a service role.

These roles include: police, guide, guard, and military. In these roles they complete tasks such as detecting explosives and narcotics.

They are used primarily for the purpose of guarding and herding a shepherd’s flocks.

German Shepherd Physical Characteristics

German Shepherds have a double coat, which consists of a thick undercoat with a dense outer coat.

Its hair, usually tan and black in color is medium in length sheds all year round. In rare cases German Shepherds can be all-black or all-white.

German Shepherd have long bodies, generally between 24 and 26 inches for males. Females grow in 22 to 24 inches tall. This gives the dog strength, agility, and flexibility.

German Shepherds on average weigh in from 68 to 88 pounds for males, 49 to 73 pounds for females.


German Shepherds are very protective of its family and home, maintaining a suspicious demeanor around strangers.

With their very specific personality they need a name that fits them. Two great names for German Shepherds are Brusier and Max.

It can be assertive and commanding towards other dogs, though it is normally friendly with other pets in the home.

The German Shepherd is an immensely versatile dog, displaying a keen intelligence while dutifully performing its tasks.

Use as a Working Dog

German Shepherds are a common selection for use as working dogs. They are known for being easy to train and great for tasks and following instructions.

They are especially well known for their police work, they have great use for for the search of criminals.

Additionally, thousands of German Shepherds are in use by the military. Their primary use is scout duty, in this role they warn soldiers to the presence of enemies or hazards.

German Shepherds in the military also train to parachute from aircraft. A number of service dogs were brought home by veterans.

German Shepherd Care

German Shepherds can live outdoors in non-extreme climates. They love to live outside in mild conditions.

Frequent exercise sessions such as playing fetch are a must for keeping its mind and body active.

Any sort of play time with any toys is great for a German Shepherd’s exercise too.

Because the German Shepherd sheds throughout the year, you need to brush its coat once or twice a week.


The German Shepherd has an average lifespan of between 10 to 12 years.

They are susceptible to some serious health conditions such as hot spots, skin allergies, gastric torsion, and cataracts.

Because of these susceptibilities German Shepherds need to be seen by a veterinarian for routine checkups. There they will undergo hip, elbow blood, eye and other tests.

Taking care of German shepherds or any dog breed isn’t cheap. Treat yourself and fellow dog lovers to some great gifts for your dogs!