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How Long Are Dogs Pregnant

How Long Are Dogs Pregnant?

Many people have female dogs who have puppies at some point, sometimes through breeding. If you’ve never experienced dog pregnancy, you may be wondering, “how long are dogs pregnant?” It’s always best to prepare for situations. Familiarize yourself with the pregnancy timeline and know what to expect. How Long Are Dogs Pregnant? The straightforward answer …

Cat Reproduc

Cat Reproduction Tips and Tricks

Breeding cats is a satisfying hobby for many people. During cat reproduction, cats can have multiple kittens during their birth. They can have one kitten, or they can have more than ten. It’s not the easiest task, but it can be done. While it is recommended that cats should be spayed instead of breeding, some …

breeding cats for beginners

Breeding Cats & Newborn Kittens for Beginners

If you’re a cat lover, the idea of breeding cats and having a houseful of little kittens has probably crossed your mind at one time or another. However, the actual process of setting up a cattery may be a mystery. A cattery is simply the feline version of a kennel. It’s a place where breeding, …

breeding jack dempsey fish

Jack Dempsey Fish Breeding Tips

Jack Dempseys are not the smartest fish in the sea. They cannot seem to tell which of them are male and which are female. If you think you have problems telling and females apart, at least you can console yourself knowing that you’re not alone. Females that have just lain eggs will grab onto the …