Parakeet Bird

Parakeets are very popular choices for pet birds for both their size and price. Many parakeet bird owners are well aware of how much the pets love their toys.

Some owners love to make toys for their parakeets. At the very least, they buy them toys to have in their cage.

Whether you are buying the parakeet toys or making them yourself, there are some things to keep in mind for your bird’s safety.

Parakeet Bird Toy Safety

Many bird toys are made with either wood or metal. In some cases, you can find both materials in toys.

When it comes to any parakeet toys with metal, make sure that the metal does not have zinc or lead in it. Both of these substances can cause harm to your parakeet.

When it comes to parakeet toys that are made with wood, make sure the wood is untreated.

Additionally, confirm that glue is not involved in the manufacturing of the wooden bird toy.

Possible Choking Hazards

As you will see, there are many toys that have little beads and bells on them. Usually parakeets like to move beads around and often enjoy getting the bells to jingle.

When you choose a pet parakeet toy, inspect if for small beads and bells. These can pose as a choking hazard to your parakeet.

Just like with young children, parakeets and other birds can choke on small objects.

Also many times bells will have tiny holes, which parakeets can get their beaks, feet and even tongues caught in.

Toxic Paints and Ropes in Toys

There are two other concerns to keep in mind. One is the use of toxic paint when making of the toy.

If you’re buying a painted toy, look for ones that explicitly say they’re lead free or made with non-toxic paint. If you are making the toy, look for non-toxic paints if you want to paint the toy.

The second concern is the material the rope is made of. Many toys have rope to hang it, which will eventually be played with by your parakeet.

The safest material will be all natural and untreated sisal or cotton. Toxic paints and artificial materials can make your bird ill.

Bird owners have a concern about the well-being of their pets, and rightfully so.

Toys should be made with untreated materials and not contain small parts. You will feel more comfortable about your bird and the toys they play with.

Knowing your pets are safe puts you in a peace of mind.