unique boy dog names

If you are planning on getting a new male puppy and are looking for the perfect name why be like the majority and give your dog a popular name when you can use unique boy dog names?

You can give them a name that’s a bit more unique. Every dog, big or small, deserves to have a rare or unique name that reflects on their personality and the type of dog they are.

Unique Boy Dog Names

  • Pupper – It sounds like puppy so it’s a great name for a dog and has the meaning of a person who changes their behavior to fit in or to be cool. This fits a lot of dog’s personalities.
  • Zaki – We all know that human names with an ‘e’ sound at the end make great dog names. This one holds the benefit of meaning smart in Arabic as well.
  • Badger – You’re naming your dog after another animal, which is great. You are also naming it after a verb which many young puppies practice regularly, badgering you!
  • Pretty Boy – If your dog has a face only a mother could love.
  • Bunny – Great name for a small white dog, such as a Maltese.
  • Nibbler – It can be used for dogs that are a bit oral as well as those who exhibit some of the cute outside yet fierce inside traits of Nibbler from TV show Futurama.
  • Screwball – Great and unique for any dog with goofy tendencies.
  • Feather – Great for a dog with a ‘feathery’ hair-do.

Unique Names for Big Dogs

  • Grizzly – Perfect for any large dog and far more unique than Bear.
  • Kong – Great for a big dog, in honor of the King himself.
  • Husky – Great for a large dog, even if it’s not a Husky.
  • Alyeska – This is a good example of how a regional word can be used as a unique name. Alyeska is what the natives called Alaska. Settlers misunderstood the term and called the state Alaska.
  • Chewy – Like Chewbacca from Star Wars!
  • Big Guy – Great for any male dog who is very large.
  • Banbhan – If your new male dog is a bit on the plump side.

There are many more unique dog names to choose from for all genders and breeds.