Home Aquarium

So you finally purchased your new home aquarium. You got everything setup and added some accessories. Now, it’s time to get some fish for it.

Selecting the right fish can be somewhat difficult. With everything to consider, you might need to be picky about the kind of fish that you choose.

I know we had to be super pickey with my daughter’s aquarium because of the size. Her aquarium is only three gallons. That really narrows down the types of fish we could even get.

If your aquarium is bigger, however, you have to consider a few things before you get your new fish.

What Food Does the Fish Eat?

The first thing you want to determine is what type of food that the fish are going to eat.

While that may seem like it is common sense, some of the fish are carnivores. They will eat your other fish.

So obviously if you get a carnivore you have to keep them separate from the rest of your aquarium.

Some fish tank accessories help you feed your fish. This can be useful to ensure some fish aren’t taking all of the food.

Is the Fish Too Shy for Your Home Aquarium?

The second thing that you will want to consider is if the fish are schooling fish or “loner” fish.

If they are schooling fish then you will want to purchase several of the same type of fish to keep them company. Without the other fish they could get lonely and not be happy.

I know it sounds weird, but I have a few schooling fish. When I didn’t have enough of the same breed, they swam around looking like they were lost.

How Big Will the Fish Get?

The third thing that I know I always consider is how large the fish will grow when they are fully grown.

I know my husband purchased an algae eater for his old ten gallon tank. After a year, the fish totally outgrew the tank to the point he couldn’t even turn around.

So that is one thing that I always consider when purchasing fish and it is a good idea for you to consider as well.

Purchasing fish for your aquarium can be an exciting thing to do. However, you do have to take many things into consideration.

If you have some exotic fish, for example, they can grow to be quite large. So, you need more wiggle room.

Otherwise, you might overpopulate your tank or have your fish outgrow your tank.

Not only that, but the food they eat will make a big difference in what type of fish you will choose as well.

Take time to research before you buy a fish. Prepare yourself ahead of time.