unique dog names

There are an abundance of unused, unique dog names that can fit dogs of all breeds.

Creating a unique dog name for your pet can seem like a challenge at first because we all want the best name for our dog that reflects the whole of their personality in one word.

Choosing a good name for your dog is crucial because it is the most crucial word they will ever learn. Names are also important when training your puppy.

So it’s important to choose an easily distinguishable name that they can recognize when you command their attention.

This list of unique dog names was compiled using information from a collection of other sources regarding top ranked dog names for different breeds.

Unique Dog Names for All Breeds

  • Lolita: Female Siberian Husky, St. Bernard, or Collie.
  • Boris: Huskies, Great Danes and Shetland Sheepdogs.
  • Epic: Mastiff or Alaskan Malamute.
  • Bubba: Large breeds such as Labradors and Golden Retrievers.
  • Precious: Female Chow Chows and Rottweilers.
  • Goliath: Large breeds such as Huskies, St. Bernard, and Malamutes.
  • Kaos: Pugs, Chow Chows, and Chihuahuas.
  • Crinkles: Chubby breeds such as Pugs.
  • Fizz: Shih Tzu’s, Poodles, and Spaniels.
  • Sassy: Female Beagle.
  • Ace: Cocker Spaniels and Terriers.
  • Hercules: Chihuahua.
  • Spike: Wild breeds such as Rottweilers, Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers, and Poodles.
  • Alastair: Male Poodles.
  • Zurie: Breeds of all shapes, genders, and sizes.
  • Rusty: Golden Retrievers.
  • Horse: Large breeds such as Great Danes.
  • Maximilian: German Shepherds.
  • Flash: Jack Russel’s.
  • Casanova: Huskies, Pomeranian’s, and Pomskies.

You could of course give your dog a more common or popular name if it suits their personality.

There’s an endless selection of inspirations for choosing a great name for your dog

Likewise, there is a great selection of lists to give you inspiration on choosing a great name for your dog. And there are many different names to choose from by dog type, dog themes and dog personalities.