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Exotic Fish

Exotic Fish Breeds for Freshwater Aquariums

.Exotic fish are a great option when making a unique freshwater aquarium. There is a large variety available from all over the world. Likewise, there are plenty of common fish breeds that would fit nicely in any fish tank. When you think of exotic fish, you might think of the nerve-wracking dwellers in the deep …

breeding jack dempsey fish

Jack Dempsey Fish Breeding Tips

Jack Dempseys are not the smartest fish in the sea. They cannot seem to tell which of them are male and which are female. If you think you have problems telling and females apart, at least you can console yourself knowing that you’re not alone. Females that have just lain eggs will grab onto the …

allergy free cats for your household

Allergy Free Cats for Your Household

Cat allergies are an unfortunate factor that keep homes from adopting a feline. Fortunately, you have an option to get allergy free cats. Also known as hypoallergenic cats, allergy free cats have become a growing trend for cat lovers in America. The Siberian forest cat, one of many allergy free cats, is fairly new to …