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Aquarium Accessories

Aquarium Accessories for Your New Fish Tank

The pet store’s aqua department will be full of walls of aquariums, foods, aquarium accessories, and tons of tank sizes and shapes. This can be very overwhelming for first time aquarium owners. Purchasing Your Tank The first step is determining the type of fish tank to purchase. This will depend on the space you have …

best fish tanks

Best Fish Tanks For You and Your Fish

You just bought a fish, now it’s time to buy one of the best fish tanks for your aquatic friend. There is a large selection of fish tanks to choose from. Depending on the fish you have is how you know which tank suits them the best. For example: if you have only one fish, …

Fish for a 5 Gallon Tank

The Best Fish for a 5 Gallon Tank

Many people find setting up a large tropical fish tank or aquarium a daunting task. On top of that, finding fish for a 5 gallon tank or any size is a task in itself. It can be expensive and time consuming. Children often ask their parents for a fish tank of their own. Unfortunately, a …

Home Aquarium

Home Aquarium: Finding the Right Fish

So you finally purchased your new home aquarium. You got everything setup and added some accessories. Now, it’s time to get some fish for it. Selecting the right fish can be somewhat difficult. With everything to consider, you might need to be picky about the kind of fish that you choose. I know we had …