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Why Your Cat Bites

Here’s Why Your Cat Bites You

Cats, and kittens especially, naturally bite and nibble on things. Just because your cat bites you, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are mad at you. There are two types of cat bites. The types are aggressive biting and love bites. It’s important to distinguish between the two so you can work on your cat’s behavior. …

What Are Cats Allergic To

What Are Cats Allergic To? Multiple Things

Allergies are common among us, and they aren’t pleasant. About 10% of Americans have pet allergies, with cat allergies being the most common. We know we’re allergic to cats, but what are cats allergic to? Our pets are prone to allergies like we are. The numerous symptoms can be difficult to relieve. As parents to …

Healthiest Cat Breeds

The Healthiest Cat Breeds for Your Home

Different breeds of pets can suffer various health problems. Because cats are generally healthier than most pets, many hunt for the healthiest cat breeds. In fact, many of the healthy breeds are among popular house cats. We compiled a list of the healthier breeds of cats. The Healthiest Cat Breeds Paying for vet bills and …

Popular Cat Breeds

Most Popular Cat Breeds in Households

Most people have a pet. Believe it or not, cats are the most popular pet in the entire world. What are the most popular cat breeds though? If you aren’t a proud parent of a furry friend yet, it’s something to really consider. Cats are among the healthiest animals, and they’re great animals for multiple …

Buying a Kitten

Buying a Kitten? How to Make Them Feel at Home

Bringing a new pet into your home requires preparations. They have many necessities like we do. If you know you’re buying a kitten, be prepared ahead of time. How do you make a new kitten feel comfortable in their new home? If your house is going to become the cat’s new territory, it has to …

helping your cat with food allergies

Cat Food Allergies and Managing Them

Cats make marvelous companions. It is so easy to become attached to them, but it can be heartbreaking when they become ill. It isn’t uncommon for your feline friend to have cat food allergies. It’s common for cats, or any pet for that matter, to have a food intolerance. There are various causes for this. …

Cat Reproduc

Cat Reproduction Tips and Tricks

Breeding cats is a satisfying hobby for many people. During cat reproduction, cats can have multiple kittens during their birth. They can have one kitten, or they can have more than ten. It’s not the easiest task, but it can be done. While it is recommended that cats should be spayed instead of breeding, some …

breeding cats for beginners

Breeding Cats & Newborn Kittens for Beginners

If you’re a cat lover, the idea of breeding cats and having a houseful of little kittens has probably crossed your mind at one time or another. However, the actual process of setting up a cattery may be a mystery. A cattery is simply the feline version of a kennel. It’s a place where breeding, …

signs of cat allergies

Cat Allergies and Signs to Spot

If you think your cat may have allergies, you are not alone. Many cat owners do not realize their cat is showing signs of an allergy. Cats often have a greater chance of having an allergy than not, so any of the signs below can be signs of cat allergies. Depending on the type of …

managing your cat allergies

Cat Dander Allergy Solutions for Home

Many people are allergic to cats. In fact, more people are allergic to cats than to dogs. There are a lot of misconceptions about allergies to cats, though. Cat dander, among other things, contribute to these allergies. Some people believe that they are allergic to cat hair. Others believe it is an allergy to dried …