funny puppy names

For new pet owners, searching for the perfect name for your new male puppy can be quite the task. Some people may go for funny puppy names.

It’s becoming a common trend to name pets after current or viral events. There is no limit to the choices you have for pet names. This means finding a unique dog name is easily doable.

Funny Puppy Names

  • Buffalo: This name brings many things to mind, but usually not dogs. Cattle, birds, fish, and insects all have buffalo counterparts. I would personally give this name to a large dog. In my case playing fetch would bring life to a whole new level due to his size!
  • Henry: This name’s origin stems from the language of Old French. In some countries, Henry has also been the name of past kings in France and England.
  • Chops: Not only a 3-ball juggling pattern, some pet owners may like this for the new male dog’s name. Picture a dog that can juggle 3 balls in the air and do somersaults at the same time!
  • Aden: A city in Yemen, part of southwest Asia. The city now has a population of about 800,000 people. Aden should be able to make losing your dog very difficult because of how rare the name is.
  • Oakes: Founded in 1886, this city has a population of 1,979. This city is based in North Dakota. Just make sure that no one sends it over to North Dakota.
  • Upchurch: A village located in North Carolina. This is an interesting one because various Roman sites have been discovered in this village. Once you understand the mysteries of Upchurch, North Carolina, you may find out more about the mystery of the Chia Pet.
  • Paxtun: This name means “From the peaceful farm.” Its origin is English.
  • Garroway: This name means “Spear fighter.” It is derived from English.
  • Sawyers: This is a name rumored to have magic powers. Derived from English, a Sawyer with spots, or a Sawyer with curls?
  • Yogi: From Yogi the bear, to Yogi the puppy! Many will understand why this is the perfect name because of how popular Yogi Bear was.