Dog X-Ray Costs

Dog x-ray costs, veterinarian visits, and general health care is costly. How many times has your dog had to see a veterinarian? Did you have to pay hundreds, or even thousands of dollars?

Currently in the United States, there is a growing trend of pet health insurance. There are many reasons you should consider getting it for your little friend.

Veterinarians Aren’t Cheap

A dog will encounter multiple accidents in their lifetime. To clarify, this means the cost of veterinarian visits will add up quickly.

Your dog may show symptoms of allergies or other illness. These need to be checked immediately.

Additionally, there are routine things such as vaccinations and spays and neuters are costly. If you have to unfortunately euthanize your pet, that alone is very pricey.

In the past many people were forced to make choices based on financial constraints. Even if these decisions were not in the best interest of their dog, they simply lacked the money.

Fortunately, this is where dog health insurance comes in.

Your Dog’s X-Ray Costs

X-ray aren’t cheap for humans nor pets. There are several factors that go into the cost, such as:

  • Sedation or anesthesia
  • Number of x-rays needed
  • Types of x-rays needed
  • Location of the vet
  • Type of facility

X-rays are generally cheaper at a veterinarian. You may be charged twice as much at an emergency animal hospital.

The prices can range from $75 up to $150, or even higher in some cases. Additional x-rays may cost upwards of $75.

If sedation or anesthesia is required, the price increases significantly. The increased price is based on the size of your dog. Larger dogs usually cost between $50 and $220, while smaller dogs are between $40 and $180.

Keep in mind these prices are just rough estimates. Ask your veterinarian to be certain of pricing.

Health Insurance for Your Dog

Signing your dog up for pet health insurance is ideal. It covers most things they need including the dog x-ray costs, vet visits, and medicines they need.

There are now many different companies that offer health insurance for dogs. The owner may select a plan to best suit his or her preferences and the specific breed of dog.

Among other things, most plans will include coverage for accidents, vaccinations and routine checkups. There are a variety of disease treatments the plans may cover. For instance, cardiovascular and respiratory system problems, and issues with their skin, eyes, or ears will be covered.

Because dogs tend to have shorter, less predictable lives than humans, their plans are typically paid bi-yearly. This allows the company to refund partial payments if your dog passes during the cycle.

Insure your pet today with dog health insurance. Stop having to pay ridiculous sums of money and putting financial constraints ahead of the well-being of your best friend.

Above all, you should treat your dog as you would a child.