rare dog names

Every dogs deserve rare dog names that stands out and makes them one of a kind. Avoid the usual “Max” or “Sam” or “Fluffy” names for your next dog.

A dog’s name should reflect a lot about you, the owner. So take the time to think over some rare dog names. If you find yourself not thinking of any good names, you’re in luck!

Good choices for the best dog names come from a lot of different areas of pop culture. For example many people name their dogs after a character from their favorite movie, TV show, video game, or book.

Rare Military Names for Dogs

If you’re a military member or have a family member in the military, think of names related to the service.

A good friend of mine named his dog “Gunner”. You could also go with Eagle, Sergeant, Colonel, Lieutenant, or Captain (Cappy for short, perhaps).

Sports Names for Dogs

Love for your sports team or alma mater can be inspiration your new friend’s name.

I heard of one person naming her dog after the former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow. Name your dog after your favorite player or sports team.

Other names that might work include Tyson, Beckham, Magic or Montana.

Rare Biblical Names for Dogs

Some Biblical names are fantastic for dogs. For a big dog, you could use something such as Malachi, Sampson or Ezekiel (Zeke for short).

Other names from the Bible work for any animal, big or small. A few of these names include Delilah, Jonah, Judah or Tobias (Toby).

Rare Mythological Names for Dogs

Names of mythological gods or goddesses can also make great dog names: Apollo, Zeus, Phoenix, Athena, Kosmos, Maximus (instead of Max), Cleopatra (or Cleo for short), and Kali are great rare dog names.

There are many more unique names to choose from for your dog.