Can Cats Eat Eggs? Homemade Cat Food Recipes

I didn’t think I’d worry about so many little things when it came to my cat’s food. Can I find this cheaper? Are these ingredients safe? Can cats eat eggs and other human foods?

I admit I loved looking at all those fancy cat food labels with the picture of a meal fit for a king. But the cost not to mention all the preservatives and emulsified animal product about made me cringe.

I felt like my kitty and my purse could do better than that. So the healthy conscious side decided to try cooking for my cute pet instead of resorting to canned kitty meals.

So I went to the grocery store with my cat in mind.

I bought a platter of chicken gizzards for a dollar a pound, Tyson chicken livers for 1.25 a canister, a can of mackerel costing 75 cents a can, wheat flour and half a carton of eggs.

Can Cats Eat Eggs?

In these recipes, we use eggs. People are often concerned about what their cats eat, and rightfully so.

Cats get a lot protein from eggs and it is perfectly fine for them to eat them cooked. Feeding raw eggs to your cat is harmful.

Some kittens may be allergic to eggs. If this is the case with your feline friend, speak with a veterinarian.

Here are the recipes my kitty loves the most.

King of the Giblet

This recipe is very easy to make. I like to take a whole one pound platter of giblets and cook them in a sauce pan.

Cook the giblets until the juices run clear. Afterwards, cook half a cup of white rice until it’s soft. Then I mix the giblets, broth and rice together.

Finally, I pre-package them into little serving sizes.

Liver a La King

I take the whole container of chicken livers and pour them into an 8 x 8 square baking dish and cover with foil. Then I let the livers cook for 20 minutes in a 350 degree oven.

While the livers are cooking, I scramble three eggs in a frying pan and set aside.

After the livers and their juices cool down, I mix the livers and eggs together and then either mash them with a mash potato masher or put all the ingredients into a food processor and process.

Sometimes I like to add a little wheat flour if the mixture is too liquidy but not too much.

Cats digest animal proteins much better than vegetable even wheat. And then I freeze the little packages in the freezer.

King Fish Buffet

First I take the whole can of mackerel and drain out the liquid and then dump it in a glass mixing bowl. Then add in three eggs and enough wheat flour so I can form a large patty.

Pat the patty to about half an inch thick or even flatter and then I spray the frying pan with baking spray and cook the patty like a fish patty.

After the patty is cooked and cool, cut the patty into little bite size pieces. These little treats are great either for a meal or as a nice between meal kitty snacks.

These homemade recipes are a great way to treat your cat and help their diet. Likewise, they can help your cats with food allergies.