Gifts for Parrot Owners

If you’ve ever owned a pet, you know how pricey they can be. Birds are no exception. Being the holiday season, you may be looking for the perfect gifts for parrot owners you may know.

There are many possible surprises for them, but maybe you aren’t sure what to get. Did your friend purchase their parrot from a pet store? Did they adopt a parrot from another home?

No need to worry, as we have you covered. Here are several possible gifts for your parrot owning friends.

FlightSuits Are Great Gifts for Parrot Owners

When a bird is let out of its cage to play and fly around the room, they tend to leave behind bird droppings. Now they can learn to wear a FlightSuit, which holds a disposable diaper.

The suit itself is made of a durable, stretchy material which is designed to be non-restrictive. It’s easy to put on and take off of your bird.

The clever “poop pouch” collects the poop, keeping it away from the bird as well as off of furnishings and clothing. This is especially handy for people who travel with their birds.

Additional disposable diapers for the poop pouch are available as well. FlightSuits come in many sizes to fit birds of every size and width, making them great gifts for parrot owners.

Get Your Friend a Cage Skirts

Cage skirts are helpful in eliminating some of the mess of seeds, bird droppings and feathers. Birds tend to scatter all of that beyond their cage, landing on the floor and nearby surfaces.

A good cage skirt has an elastic top and bottom so it can fit securely around the bottom of the cage. You can get a basic cage skirt for around $10, although prices do vary.

These come in many different patterns, including holiday designs. Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and pretty much any other holiday theme are available.

Help little Polly celebrate the holidays with the rest of the family with a festive cage skirt!

Bird Harness and Leash

Feather Tether Bird Harness and Leash comes in a rainbow of colors and allows the bird owner to safely take the bird outside.

There are probably many different kinds on the market, but I prefer Feather Tether because it was developed by a veterinarian. When properly fitted to the bird, it offers a non-restrictive but secure fit.

They are usually around $15. While it’s a good harness for parrots and larger birds, it will not work well for parakeets, lovebirds, or parrotlets.

Bird Food, Treats, and Snacks

You can buy packages of bird food which only require hot water to make a nutritious meal for the bird.

Volkman’s Soak & Cook, freeze dried sweet corn, or traditional bird food are a few good examples.

Treats and snacks for birds are also ideal gifts. Bird treats are generally pretty cheap.

When it comes to ready-to-eat snacks in a bag, there are almost as many packaged snack foods for birds as there are for humans.

Educational Material (DVDs and Books)

Informative DVDs on relative topics such as training parrots can be a useful gift for a parrot owner. There are many DVDs that showcase parrots and their natural habits as well.

Books about parrots are also great gifts. Cookbooks can also be ideal gifts for those looking to be healthier with feeding their parrot.

Parrot Parenting and A Parrot’s Fine Cuisine are great reads, especially for new owners.

Bird Carriers and Other Gifts for Parrot Owners

A bird carrier is very handy when the bird has to be taken to a vet or if it travels with its owner.

The hardest part about gifting a bird carrier is finding the right size for the bird to be comfortable. However, that’s typically not too difficult.

Still at a loss? Consider a birdcage cover to stop drafts or a new parrot perch.

There are plenty of additional gift options for parrot owners, but these are some great suggestions.

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