popular dog names

It is important to give your dog a name that is easily recognizable so they can answer to your commands easily. It just so happens that some of the most recognizable of dog names are popular dog names.

If you’ve ever wondered if your dog’s name is a popular dog name, then check out these top 10 male and top 10 female dog names.

Popular Male Dog Names

  • Buster (I have never met a dog named Buster, but ten bucks the dog is most often a boxer)
  • Cody (aww…that’s cute)
  • Toby (I had a bird named Toby once, she was a girl…)
  • Jack (bet it’s for Labs– though Jack Russel Terrior would be ironic…)
  • Charlie (ah hahahahaaa….sounds like a bulldog’s name, cute)
  • Jake (what’s up with all the human dog names? Oh well, my dog’s name sure ain’t Spot)
  • Bailey (my uncle owns a Bailey- she’s a girl)
  • Rocky (NOW we’re talkin’- pit bull, perhaps?)
  • Buddy (how fitting is that?! Dogs are the ultimate buddies…)
  • Max (I know a ton of dogs named Max, so this I believe. The others? Not so much. People around here just say, “Hey boy”.)

Female Names

  • Lola (her name was Lola…)
  • Bailey (it turns out Bailey works for females too)
  • Chloe (my brother has a cat named Chloe)
  • Sadie (my childhood dog was a Sadie, as is my dad’s dog now- who looks like past Sadie)
  • Sophie (cute- I’m thinking tiny dog with this name, like Sophie got lost in the SOFa)
  • Daisy (for some reason I keep thinking border collie)
  • Maggie (again, border collie, or sheepdog…some farm mutt)
  • Lucy (love it! I bet a mastiff is named Lucy…)
  • Molly (I know a ton of Mollys, all yellow Labs)
  • Bella (Bella is a beautiful name for a dog. I know a lot of toddlers named Bella. Must be popular in people and pets.)

For the record, I thought Abby would be in there somewhere, and it is. However it’s at number 12. I hear Abby as a dog’s name and immediately think Golden retriever. I love Goldies….

If your dog’s name isn’t in the top 10, then check out the link and see the top 100- your dog’s name may just be on the list after all! My dog’s name didn’t cut it, oh well.

There are also many other names to choose from out there. You’d be surprised how many uncommon names you will find.