food allergies in cats

Most people don’t think about food allergies in cats, especially not their own. These food allergies do occur.

But the tale of a Blue Gray Russian kitten shows us a different story.

Nearly five years ago, we chose to adopt him from the Cedar Valley Humane Society in Waterloo, Iowa. The kitten appeared to be the picture of health.

After getting him home and starting him on Purina kitten chow, he began to grow like any other healthy kitten.

Little did they know that within a couple of months they would be living a nightmare.

Food Allergies in Cats

Research shows that cats are very likely to have food allergies.

There are a lot of symptoms to look for. Likewise, there are a lot of solutions to the problem.

Kittens and cats are usually not picky eaters which can lead to allergic reactions.

A Turn For The Worst

The kitten began losing weight and vomiting any food he ate.

The owners took him to the veterinarian. The vet said to change the cat’s food and make sure he drank plenty of water. The vet also gave a shot to the kitten and a prescription for antibiotics.

He soon began gaining weight and acting normal… until the owners came home one afternoon to find blood on the carpet. Soon the kitten was losing weight again.

The kitten was taken back to the veterinarian. They were told he had a parasite problem in his intestines and he was likely born with them.

A New Hope for Cats with Food Allergies

Although we did try to treat the kitten again, he didn’t get any better this time.

He was taken back to the clinic where vets chose to test for feline leukemia, diabetes and allergies.

To his owners surprise food allergies in cats and kittens were caused by wheat and beef products in most cat foods.

A switch to Purina ZD was made to rebuild his immunity and restore vitamins and minerals.

We were able to fully restore the kitten’s health like a miracle. We chose to neuter him. He is now a fully grown, twenty-two pound cat.

The difference was night and day.

What To Expect When You’re Expecting (Kittens)

If you suspect your new pet or a future litter may have any food allergies, start shopping smart now.

Pet food companies are becoming aware of the allergy problem involving small pets like cats and dogs.

However, shopping for cat food or treats that do not contain wheat or beef products can still be a challenge.

If you’re lucky it will be available at your pet supply stores, and supermarkets such as Walmart.

Most pet supply stores like Petsmart and Petco will explain the benefit of buying a quality pet food. These offer your pet a better balanced ingredient list that is complete with vitamins and minerals.

Try to stay away from pet foods that contain corn as the first ingredient as the product doesn’t stay in your pet’s digestive system long enough for your pet to absorb enough nutrients.

The best advice is to use an indoor cat formula that does not contain wheat or beef products but contains vegetables, rice, poultry or lamb.

HyVee carries it’s own house brand of indoor formula for cats that digest very well and contains no wheat or beef product.

Purina also carries an indoor formula found at nearly any store that carries Purina products.

A Backup For Your Baby

If your fur baby has special needs, be sure to provide them the food they need every time. Just one bowl of bad food will hurt them, even if you don’t see the symptoms immediately.

It’s best to keep an extra bag on hand at all time in case you ever forget and run out. This will keep your furry one happy and healthy until you can get to the store.